I-35 Future Transportation Corridor Planning and
Environmental Linkages Study


Project Purpose

The focus of the Future Transportation Corridor Planning and Environmental Linkages Study (PEL) is to develop the purpose of and need for providing one additional lane of mainlane capacity in each direction on I-35, determine a lane type, and determine independently functioning segments within the corridor. Specifically, the study focuses on the Travis County portion of I-35. Study limits extend 28 miles along existing I-35 from SH 45N just within the southern city limits of Round Rock, to SH 45SE located just north of Buda.

The proposed purpose of the Future Transportation Corridor is to improve operational efficiency and manage congestion, provide more reliable travel times, and create a dependable and consistent route for transit, emergency responders and other motorists.

The focus of this Open House is to present the range of alternatives that are considered viable for satisfying the project’s purpose and need, and therefore are recommended for further evaluation.

The PEL Study will follow the guidelines for the Federal Highway Administration’s Planning and Environmental Linkage Study, to ensure that environmental considerations are included early in the planning process. Public involvement is an important part of the process, so if you have any comments or ideas about the study, please feel free to join the conversation by entering written comments into the form below.

Next Steps for the PEL Study

Once complete, study results will be used to program specific added capacity projects through the regional transportation planning process via CAMPO’s Regional Transportation Plan. Study results will also be used to inform subsequent environmental studies required per the National Environmental Policy Act and be incorporated into the Mobility35 Plan, which is guiding the development of projects along the I-35 corridor throughout Williamson, Travis and Hays counties.


All Future Transportation Corridor Planning and Environmental Linkages Study Exhibits

Meeting Purpose
Study Area Map
Defining a Planning and Environmental Linkages Study
Purpose and Need for the Future Transportation Corridor
Defining Level of Service
Level of Service on I-35
I-35 in 2035
Planning and Environmental Linkages Study Alternatives Evaluation Process
Rail Alternative Evaluation
Through Traffic Managed Lane Alternative Evaluation
Freight Only Managed Lane Alternative Evaluation
General Purpose Lane Alternative Evaluation
Transit Only Managed Lane Alternative Evaluation
Express Toll Managed Lane Alternative Evaluation
Express Toll with Transit Focus Managed Lane Alternative Evaluation
HOV and Transit Managed Lane Alternative Evaluation
Initial Screening Summary
Next Step: Detailed Analysis
Potential Detailed Analysis Evaluation Criteria
Next Meeting
Project Development Process Next Steps
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